Merry Christmas from Fox Lake Farm!

Tis’ the season! Fox Lake Farm held its annual Christmas party on December 14th at the Reich’s welcoming home. Festivities began with dinner as both kids and parents were able to catch up with their barn friends. Madison Massey, one of the Fox Lake girls, said, “Coming to the Fox Lake Christmas Party is like the start of the holiday season for a lot of us because it is the first party most of us have after wrapping up a hard week of finals.”

flf christmas 1.png

Every year the girls participate in an intense but fun game of “Dirty Santa.” Each player brings a $25 gift to participate and as people arrive they place their wrapped gift in a pile with the rest. Each girl draws a piece of paper with a number and whoever receives number one picks any of the gifts from the pile. Going in number order, they are able to either unwrap a new gift or steal someone’s gift. A surprise brought a little laughter to the night when a fish was unwrapped!

fox lake christmas 2.png

When everyone was gathered together, excitement filled the room because the girls knew it was time for them to receive their Christmas gifts from Ms. Allison! They wait all year for a Fox Lake gift that is usually riding related. “Give me a number from one to 100,” said Ms. Allison; the closest number was the first to get a C4 belt sporting the Fox Lake logo!

flf christmas 3.png

Once the gift giving was over an impromptu photoshoot took place in the backyard. It is always fun to see everyone dressed up for the holiday season and spreading cheer! The Fox Lake annual Christmas party is always a success thanks to fun kids, great parents, and amazing trainers! We cannot wait for next year!

-Annie LaRussa

flf christmas 4 .png