Standard Board $1900* monthly:


  • Twelve training sessions per month for horse and owner, typically two lessons and one training ride weekly.

  • A customized twice daily feed program including a SmartPak individualized for each horse.

  • All wash stall supplies including Show Sheen, fly spray, hoof dressing, topical medications, etc.

  • Mane pulling, trimming face and legs - horses are kept show ring ready

  • Saddle pads, wither pads and polos

  • Laundry Service

  • Scheduling of veterinary, chiropractic, therapy treatments and farrier service

  • Customized turn out and twice daily stall cleaning

  • Regular deworming schedule

  • Daily blanketing and unblanketing as weather indicates

  • Both in house and horse show Theraplate

Any additional lessons, training, body clipping, medications, supplements etc., will be billed in addition to board at the end of the month.

Full Care Board $2100* monthly:

  • All benefits of Standard Boarding along with lesson grooming. Your horse will be groomed and ready for you to tack up before your lesson time. Grooming services are available Monday - Friday.

*Both boarding packages are eligible for a $400.00 discount if paid in full by the 10th of every month.